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A code of conduct is a set of values, rules, standards and principles used to organize how a business or organization operates. Most major corporate entities embrace a code, or a code of ethics as their primary operating system. describes a code as “a guide or set of principles designed to help professionals conduct business honestly and with integrity.” outlines the ethical principles that governs decisions and behaviors at a company or organization. In the work world, codes of conduct typically include five principles: Integrity, Objectivity, Competence, Confidentiality, and Professionalism.

Ethics equals moral principles, honesty, fairness, responsibility, conscious choice, honor, value and integrity.

Dean F. Wilson, the best selling author wrote “His father used to tell him you can’t eat principles. And no, you couldn’t. But you could live by then.” The actor Danny Trejo said this about a code “...we all knew the rules: take your shoes off in the house, wipe down everything after you use it, pick up after yourself, and respect the space. That’s the convict code.”

In the matrix of business, a code is the energy and information in the quantum field that provides a level of safety and security so that each individual member of an organization can operate at a high relational vibration.

Consider the business of your life. The hallmark of conducting business on any level involves a relationship with whoever you choose to do business with. As you see, feel, hear and be the best version of yourself, consider the possibility of having a life code, or a set of guiding principles you organize your life through you as you.

Here is how having a life code enhances your life:

It helps in building an exceptional reputation.

It increases your vibrational attractiveness.

It fosters the high likelihood of matching with like minded others.

It provides your social conscience.

It helps you manage relational dissonance and conflicts of interest.

Having a life code helps you manage your “frame.” Your frame is how you cultivate, hold and express your personal power. My idea about frame is that you operate from the space of your highest good reflected by what you value and where you hold your personal feeling vibrational amplitude.

What follows are some suggestions that you can embrace as you develop your own unique life code.

See, hear, feel and be the best version of yourself.

Never disrespect yourself or anyone.

Be your amazing possibility.

Love yourself outrageously.

If there is a vibrational match, appreciate your spouse, partner, children, family, friends and coworkers with mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Keep your word and operate with integrity in all life domains.

Know how and when to listen.

Observe, learn from and let go of past relational/occupational trauma.

Manage your mind and your talk.

Take care of your body.

Be open to everything and attached to nothing.

Walk your power and speak your truth.

See, hear, feel and be the person who holds the “space” for your life code.

Assiduously take inspired action. Create and live your personal life code. Otherwise it becomes difficult to operate in the place of integrity. Your life and everything about it becomes just talk with no meaning.

Have your life code as your intentional set point.

Embrace your life code and do the happy dance as the code flows through you as you as it embraces you.

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