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Qigong is a centuries old Chinese energy cultivation system composed of a series of coordinated movements and breathing. According to Wikipedia, "Qi translates as air and figuratively as material energy, life force, or universal flow.  Qi is the central underlying principle in Chinese traditional medicine and in Chinese marital arts.  The practice of cultivating and balancing qi is called qigong."

There are over 6000 or more active Qigong styles practiced throughout the world.  In the early 1980's, I was fortunate to extend and enhance my meditation practice through instruction in Qigong.  I initially studied with Master G., who taught a hybrid system he called Chi Kung.  Master G's system was taught as part of a personal power training course he conducted.  His "temple style" Chi Kung consisted of a number of standing and seated "postures" along with focusing the energy created on deliberate life goals.  A few years later, I was instructed in Tai J. QiGong by Master Mark Winter as a component of an advanced Dimensional Mind Approach (DMA) training program.  DMA, which later became Fundamental of Structural Thinking, was created by Robert Fritz, synthesized from his book The Path of Least Resistance. Tai J. QiGong is in line with some of the traditional forms of Qigong exercise.  It incorporates the three essential elements of Qigong: cultivation of the mind, the breath, and movement.  In 2007 I was introduced to Supreme Science Qigong, which is the foundation of my current Qigong practice.  This practice incorporates an opening procedure, five primary exercises, and a closing procedure.  The Supreme Science Qigong system involves performing subtle movements that are done with precise attention to form.  This style of Qigong has been instrumental in creating cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength, and muscular endurance for the practitioner.  Most recently, I've been studying DDP Yoga, a system created by former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, which incorporates yoga, old school calisthenics, and physical rehab exercises.

I've chosen to take Qigong to a new level, developing a system I call Wow Power Qigong.  My system incorporates many different styles of Qigong along with elements of yoga, dance,  meditation, and breathwork.  The practice of Wow Power Qigong involves cultivating the universal life force for dynamic balanced energy.  In utilizing this practice, it is important to be deliberate about how you choose to use this power, typically around enhancing health, overall wellness, creativity, and vitality.

My experience with utilizing Wow Power Qigong as a meditation and exercise practice has been nothing but profound and miraculous.  My level of energy and focus is at an extremely high vibration.  Clients I work with find that I am intuitively "tapped in" to their challenges, and creative opportunities are offered as vehicles for their transformational growth.  Those who know me as a professional entertainer can attest to my elevated musical expression not only on piano but additionally on bass guitar.  I am experiencing an increase in my level of vitality in all major areas of my life.

I invite you to be open to explore this powerful system for dynamic balanced energy.  Experience the flow of Qi, the universal life force as you cultivate it and allow it to flow through your body, mind, and spirit.  Be deliberate in your intention toward being what is highest for you.  Then, use Wow Power Qigong to see your life transformed.

And So It Is.

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