Create Your Manifested Reality

Over the years of embracing my spiritual path and my connection with the Source, I became quite familiar with the process and practice involved in actualizing the creative process.

This knowledge became real for me as I studied the writings of Robert Fritz, the author of The Path of Least Resistance. The learnings I absorbed from the book completely changed my life. I continue to use many of the distinctions I learned by utilizing this energy and information. One of the most important things I learned involved how to operate from vision, and create the life I desire to have. As you consider creating your manifested reality, it is important to consider and understand the key distinctions of creating, manifesting, and reality.

As you are open to the science of spirituality and the spirituality of science, know that both are energetically connected. From that high elevation, creating involves being in at one ment with the source of all creation through the process of knowing what you desire. Manifesting involves drawing the desire to you through the power of your intention as you place your attention on your intention. Reality is fluid, and involves whatever state of consciousness you hold that relates to your highest good reflected in what is most important for you.

There are three components to the creative process.

1.  Your Vision. Vision is the germination phase of your creation process. This is where you have an idea about something meaningful to you and the world you choose to create. Most major corporations have a vision statement.

2.  The “Work.” The work is the accommodation phase, which includes all of the things you need to actionize that creates momentum that makes your vision come to life. Many mind challenges tend to come up in the work phase. This is the process where many people tend to get stuck through over thinking what comes up that stops them from moving forward. You tend to be uncomfortable operating in this “unknown” as work can challenge how you normally operate in your present reality.

3.  The “Gift” is the completion process. This occurs when the vision and the work culminate into the finished product of your creation. The interesting thing about the gift is that it is an ending, but the beginning of something new that can be even greater.

I developed a meditation that serves as an activation and momentum builder. The meditation involves affirming what you desire to create by:

I see—-----------------------------------------------------------Within Me

I hear—----------------------------------------------------------Within Me

I feel—-----------------------------------------------------------Within Me

I AM the—------------------------------------------------------Within Me

So, suppose that you desire to create prosperity in your life. What follows is the activation protocol. Sit in a comfortable position with both feet on the floor and your hands either on your lap or your left hand resting on your stomach with your right hand on top of your left hand.

Close your eyes and take 9 comfortable breaths breathing up from your hands through your nose to your forehead, and then releasing the breath through your mouth back to your hands.

As you continue to breathe, recite out loud or inside your mind the following affirming statements 9 times each.

I see prosperity within me.

I hear prosperity within me.

I feel prosperity within me.

I AM the prosperity within me.

I see, I hear, I feel, I AM the prosperity within me.

As you engage and embrace the manifested reality you created through this meditation, allow yourself to experience your created manifested reality as if you already have it. Be open to the coincidences and synchronicities that show up for you. As you become comfortable with this process of creating, allow yourself to get related to the reality you desire. Look, see, hear and be the possibility of it. Be open to the opportunities that show up. Take inspired action and enjoy what appears in this created manifested reality.

And So It Is.

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