What Your T-shirt Says About You

The next time you are out and about, put some attention to what people are saying about themselves by what they are displaying on the front and back of their T-shirts. During my last adventure out, I observed some very interesting writings and emblems on T-shirts. What I saw mostly were individuals displaying allegiance to their favorite sports team. Others were acknowledging family reunions, a favorite vacation spot, their preferred gym, a restaurant, tavern or an important cause.

One idea I have is that people may have a subconscious intent by what they are displaying on their T-shirt that supports a particular cultural purview. When I worked as a therapist in a free standing twenty one day substance abuse behavioral health program, the treatment staff made the distinction between the culture of addiction and the culture of recovery. On many occasions, the patients had T-shirts, hats, belt buckles, and other wearing apparel that gave notice to the culture of addiction. Examples included T-shirts with names of their favorite beer, shirts and hats with marijuana leaf symbols, bong keychains, along with numerous other symbolic items. All of this wearing apparel supported the patients being energetically connected to the culture that supported their active use of alcohol and drugs. A popular credo espoused by the substance abuse recovery culture says “give up your playmates, playgrounds, and playthings.” In our view, wearing a clothing item that sent out an energetic vibration that supported the culture of addiction was antithetical to establishing a sober lifestyle. As patients were socialized into the recovery program, we insisted that they trade their beer company logo T-shirt and other drug and alcohol culturally suggestive items for a T-shirt, keychain, pen and hat with the name of the treatment program on it. At the conclusion of treatment, the patient was given a medallion with the name of the treatment center on it as a way of celebrating the patient’s buy-in to the culture of recovery.

What does your T-shirt, hat, belt buckle or purse say about you?

Not long ago I had the experience of observing how what someone displayed on a T-shirt created an interesting cause and effect. This young lady was a driver for a human service organization. One day, she wore a T-shirt with the words SEXY MAMA on the front of her shirt that was boldly and provocatively displayed across her chest. After being told by her supervisor that the garment was not appropriate for the work setting, the young lady seemed to not understand or comprehend why she was getting so much unwanted attention.

As we go about our day operating in the quantum universe, it is important to be mindful and conscious of the vibratory energy we send out to the universe. As we observe from a higher level of circumspection, what we wear on our chest and back is a statement about who we are, what we support, what we believe, and what we value. As I’m conscious of the hat I’m wearing as a memento to an amazing vacation experience I had recently, the hat serves as an anchor to all the sights, sounds, feelings and experiences that made the trip special and memorable.

As you embrace the culture of consciousness, what does your T-shirt, hat, belt buckle or purse say about you?

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