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The GUY THANG started out well over twenty years ago with a group of guys getting together at my home for food and drink for an after work set on a Friday night. Instead of talking about sports, women, and money issues, the “talk” morphed into what the guys were “up to.”

The talk centered around life challenges, work, meaning, purpose and relationships. Numerous GUY THANGS were held over the ensuing years, all with guys coming together to support each other in what was possible for each guy. The GUY THANG evolved into a support group composed of a small gathering of guys having open and frank talk about life as a guy. The format of the guy talk involved breaking bread together, spirited discussion about “what’s up” with each guy having an opportunity to speak his truth without judgment and interruption Following the guy talk, there was time for processing, socializing, games, music (a few of the guys were professional musicians and entertainers), and lively conversational energy exchange.


The Guy Thang Network is an international group of guys whose purpose involves supporting a guy to be his most amazing possibility through vision, integrity, purpose, inspired action, and acts of service. As a guy has and places attention to the world he desires to create, that vision is fueled and supported by the spirit, energy, infinite organizing power, pure potentiality, all possibility and the highest vibration of the creator, the Oneness that says YES to everything.


Be the best version of yourself.

Never disrespect anyone.

Be your most amazing possibility.

Love yourself outrageously.

Love your woman, partner, children and family with mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Keep your word and operate with integrity in all life domains.

Know how and when to listen.

Don’t overthink.

Observe, learn from and let go of past relational trauma as it has no place in your highest amplitude of the guy.

Manage your mind and your talk.

Take care of your body.

Be open to everything and attached to nothing.

Walk your power and speak your truth.

See, feel, hear and be the guy who holds the “space” for another guy.

Take inspired action on the code. Otherwise, it is just talk and has no meaning.

Be the “GUY” and have dominance and dominion over your “THANG.”

And So It IS…!


The domain of the guy is his “space”. Each guy in his space is connected to the space of every other guy. The Guy Space is his kingdom (GuyDom). The GuyDom involves all of the life domains including: Physical Emotional Spiritual Intellectual Relational Financial Work/School The ultimate expression of a guy being the guy involves being in balance and harmony in the Guy Space.

THE GUY TALK Guy talk involves spirited discussion from a guy on all he is “up to.” The idea behind the guy talk involves creating a safe space for a guy to express his dreams, desires, fears, aspirations, and a place for him to receive assistance, feedback, and get “checked” if he violates the guy code.


Worldwide Guy Network.

Quarterly Guy Zoom Meeting Powertalks including guest speakers.

Regional in person Guy Thang meetups.

Discounted rates for counseling and life coaching.

Business and entrepreneurship development and networking.

Wedding officiant.

Access to the www.doctorofthespirit connection.


Basic membership is free.

Enhanced membership involves entrance into the “Powerful ‘fuggin’ Eagle orbit for a minimum gift of $27 per year.

Funds go toward: 

Providing scholarship assistance for deserving students.

Micro grants for small business development.

Paying it forward to deserving causes that serve the highest good of the network.

Honorariums for guest speakers.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Oliver M. Williams, Founder



Phone:        312-477-9371

WhatsApp  +1 (312) 477-9371

Affiliated with Olmawi Diversified Alternatives LLC

Personal Power Cultivation Coaching Inc.

Wow Power Qigong

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