Stuck in the "Driveway"

There has been a steady confluence of snow events in my particular area after experiencing a rather precipitation free winter up until now. For the past few days, everytime I wanted to leave the house to do this or that, I got stuck in the snow and ice in my driveway.

My last experience getting stuck was particularly notable. I finished my early morning activities and looked forward to going out to do miscellaneous errands. There was no pressing need for me to go out. I found that I had a few free hours, so what the heck, right? I put the car in reverse and attempted to exit my driveway.


I’m stuck in some ice covered by the snow. My car is not a four wheel drive vehicle, so you can only imagine my frustration with the car not going where I wanted. After countless attempts to get the car out of the driveway were unsuccessful, I had a powerful realization.


                       THIS MOMENT IS A COSMIC WAKE UP CALL.

My intuition gave me a blast of insight that I had no need to go anywhere that day. My work had been quite busy and challenging during the preceding week with me transmitting an incredible amount of psychic energy working with people. My intuition was directing me to be home, be still and be at PEACE. It was no accident that I didn’t get the car out of the driveway. So, I allowed it to sit there doing its own version to meditating in the snow.

What was the lesson learned from this experience?

I’m sure that you have found yourself spinning your wheels of life attempting to get somewhere with no clear sense of direction or purpose. Then you get stuck in an oscillating pattern of reacting to different sets of energetically connected external and internal circumstances. Everything you try ends up keeping you stuck.


The shift I made while being stuck in the driveway involved opening up to the message from the Source through my intuition. Here was the decision I made.

1.Lock up the car.

2.Let it sit in the driveway.

3.Go back into the house.

4.Reconnect with my recliner.

5.Set the intention that I AM THAT... AT PEACE... I AM.

When you are stuck in the driveway of your life and can’t dig yourself out, maybe that is your cosmic wake up call.

Listen to that voice, resonate with that feeling, scope that visual.

Let go, and move toward action that reflects your highest good.

Shift to a new awareness of who you are.

As Sonia Ricotti says,

“Surrender to What Is…

Let go of What Was…

Have faith in what will BE.”

And So It IS...

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