Happy New You 2022

As you embrace the start of the new year, know that the creative process embodies that the ending of anything is the beginning of something greater. Look toward the beginning of the year as an opportunity to embrace your new vision for your life.

Your vision is the world you desire to create and have fueled by the spirit, energy, infinite organizing power, pure potentiality, all possibility and the highest vibration of the creator (source) that is the Oneness and says yes to everything.

Place attention on your major life domain areas as a complement to your vision. The life domain areas include:

                                               1.  Physical

                                               2.  Emotional

                                               3.  Spiritual

                                               4.  Financial

                                               5.  Intellectual

                                               6.  Relational

                                               7.  Work/School

In each life domain area, write three, six, or nine goals that you have as a complement to your vision. For example:

Physical- I AM RADIANTLY HEALTHY. I choose to:

                                              1.  Eat only high quality food.

                                              2.  Exercise three to four times weekly. 

                                              3.  Get between seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Once your goals are identified, activate and fuel your vision by:

                                              1.  Maintaining a loving and continual connection with source                                       source energy.

                                              2.  Practice Exceptional Self Care.

                                              3.  Be your Work (Dharma).

                                              4.  Give service to others expecting nothing in return.

Place attention to your vision daily, making it your intentional set point. See it, hear it, feel it and experience it as the power within you.

Embrace your vision and your vision embraces you.

Happy New You…!

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