"I Ain't Studying That"

A number of years ago I was honored to know two amazing women who were immigrants from Belize, Central America. Laura Belle and Olivia were sisters who lived together in a two flat residence. Laura Belle was a widow, and Olivia never married. The two were inseparable. Whenever some circumstance came their way that wasn’t comfortable or was not a vibrational match for them, they’d say “I ain’t studying that.”

There was so much wisdom in their words. Whether they knew it or not, both Laura Belle and Olivia were masters of the metacognition process. Simply put, they were able to look at, or observe a situation, and then not give it their attention if the circumstance did not serve their highest good.

Consider what you are “studying’” or what you are giving your attention to. As you observe your energy climate, you are impacted by all of the external and internal circumstance stimuli that are in your energy field. Many of the circumstances we observe, or give our attention to are negative. Have you watched television or corporate news lately?

Morcie Anderson, life coach and YouTube personality, does some excellent teaching on thought observation. In her recent video “What Does It Mean to “Observe The Mind?” she teaches a process of how to observe the mind so thoughts and emotions fade away. She states “What a joy to know I am not my thoughts. What a joy to know I am the witness!”

Imagine this: You are flying around orbiting the earth in your super tricked out fusion drive space vehicle (your consciousness). As you observe what is going on around the planet as your orbit, you park your space vehicle over the Atlantic Caribbean basin. Below you is a huge cyclonic storm (your mind). You have a couple of options. You can observe the storm, and let the natural confluence of forces in nature take the storm out to a place where no damage can be done, or you can engage your fusion drive, dive down into the storm, and get totally caught up in it. How many of us get caught up in the “mind storm” by placing attention on the thoughts and feelings that do not serve our highest good?

I’m contemplating the wisdom behind Laura Belle and Olivia’s practice of “I ain’t studying that.” When you don’t “study” something that comes up in your circumstance that doesn’t serve you, you don’t give it any power. How power full is that!

Here is a short protocol for observing what comes up for you. When the non productive thought surfaces, or you find yourself overthinking:

1.  Take nine comfortable breaths. 2.  Allow yourself to center into the present moment. 3.  Allow yourself to be “empty” which means that you focus on the present moment and nothing else. 4.  Look at the thought as if you are watching a movie.

5.  Know that you are looking at the thought, and you are not the thought.

6.  If the thought is negative and does not serve your highest good, let the thought pass.

7.  Begin to focus on a thought that serves your highest good (I’d recommend thoughts of love, joy, peace and gratitude).

Think of your mind as a channel guide that you’d find on a cable television remote control device. All of a sudden, you are watching your personal “bad channel” with all of the negative thoughts and feelings that place you in negative emotional amplitude. Know that you can change the channel and watch something that doesn’t wreck your moment.

Sonia Ricotti, an internationally known prosperity coach says “Surrender to what is…let go of what was…have faith in what will be.”

So, as you are flying around circum-navigating all of the energy and information in your universe and are confronted with overthinking negative and non productive thoughts, take a cue from the two wise ladies from Belize and say:

                                            “I AIN’T STUDYING THAT.”

And So It Is.

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