You Are What You Speak...

I'm in the process of reading The Power Of I AM by Joel Osteen.  In the book, he talks about how important it is to be mindful about what we say and how we say it.  The I AM is an extremely powerful distinction.  I learned about it a few years back when I read The Moses Code by James Twyman.  The Moses Code is the speak of Moses when he was in the wilderness, wondering how he was going to feed all of his followers.  He was instructed by the "Source" in the speak I AM THAT I AM.  The I AM puts you directly at one with the source. 

Of course, there is another way you can consider this important distinction.  Have you ever been around people who tend to put out a great deal of negative outer and inner talk, and their life does not work as a result?  I see this often as I work with people around their desire to transform their life.  I tell them that if they put out negative energy, that is what they get back in turn.  There is actually a quantum physics explanation for this.  The quantum field is all about energy and information. Things manifest in the quantum field by the power of your attention. I've done this numerous times by visualizing parking spaces in crowded areas,  seeing bills paid in full, etc.  Consider the "Source" as the essence of all creation that is of the highest vibration.  Its sole purpose is to say "YES" to everything.  If you say I'm sick and tired, the "Source" says YES.  If you say I'm no good, the "Source" says YES.  If you say I can't do this or that, the "Source" says YES.  If you say I'm beautiful, handsome, talented, resourceful, loving, amazing, etc., the "Source" says YES.  It is almost as if the "Source" is like a genie.  It says "Your speak is my command."

Be particularly mindful of what you speak about yourself and others.  Know that when your put your speak out there, there is an impact downrange that you can't take back.  If you tend to be reactive to other people and circumstances, a good practice involves counting to ten really slow before you say anything.  That gives you some time to think before you speak.  You can read more about the Power of I AM in Joel Osteen's book.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have this time with you.

I release this word into the spirit of all creation.

Now it is time for you to be your speak.

And So It Is...

Eternal Blessings,

The Doctor of the Spirit

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