Miraculous Creating

Recently I re-published and released my book Miraculous Creating-Principles and Practices to bring Miracles into your life.  In the book, I define a miracle as "a positive intention fueled by the grace, power, spirit and energy of the Creator."  Charles Fillmore, the co-creator of Unity Church of Christ, defines miracles as "...events that take place as a result of the operation of a higher, unknown law.  All happenings are the result of cause and can be explained under the law of cause and effect."  Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, states "...now when you consider that life itself is a miracle-that the fact that life as we know it even evolved on this planet in the way it did is utterly miraculous-it becomes easier to understand and accept that everything within life is a miracle."

Miracles, through positive intentions, happen everyday.

In Miraculous Creating, I outline seven major distinctions important in creating miracles.  They include:

1.  At One Ment-Connecting with the infinite power of the Creator.

2.  Intentionality-Making the choice to do a clearly defined thing or act in a specified way with a specified aim or purpose.

3.  Consciousness Restructuring-Shiting into being fully awake and aware of all that is possible through affirmation, prayer, and meditation.

4.  Faith-Putting your trust in the infinite organizing power of the Creator with the knowing that what you desire is already here.

5.  Challenges-Looking at challenges as opportunities, and as the vehicles that transport you to a place of self revelation.

6.  Allowing and Receiving-Being in vibrational harmony with the Creator which opens the channel from possibility to reality.

7.  Giving-Transferring something without expecting anything in return, and acknowledging the blessing in the gift. 

I invite to to consider having the book Miraculous Creating, as it goes in more detail about the distinctions nd describes numerous incredible and amazing miraculous creations.  The book can be acquired at:

FastPencil.com  or AmazonBooks.com

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