Relational Amplitude

The popular acapella singing group Take Six sings a song called U Turn. One of the lines from the tune sings “Put some Altitude to your Attitude.” Lately, I’ve been working with a distinction called Relational Amplitude. Relational Amplitude refers to the quality of your relationships in the personal, interpersonal, intimate partnership, work, community, societal, and earth plane domains.

Amplitude refers to the distance from a still position to the top of a crest of a wave. Amplitude is also the neutral distance between a peak or a valley and the equilibrium point. It can also be described as elevated awareness of the frequency of the rhythmic positive energy one holds within and transmitted to the relational domain introjects. Relational refers to all of the relationship systems, including relationship with self, important others, and society as a whole.

A number of important elements are in play as we consider the importance and ramifications of Relational Amplitude. A higher minded view of systems theory is important in unpacking this distinction. In Relational Amplitude, the goal is coherence, which involves the unity of the whole that is achieved through the arrangement of opposites in a directed order or destination. The process implies a smooth flow of energy which gives energy to opposites being in relational rhythm with each other. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary online, balance implies “mental and emotional steadiness” and the ability “to bring into harmony or proportion.” defines rhythm as “a patterned repetition of a motif, format, element, etc., at regular or irregular intervals the same or in a modified form.” The Kybalion describes polarity as “ the relationship between opposite characteristics or tendencies,” and “opposites identical in nature-different in degree.”

In considering the cybernetics of the personal, interpersonal, intimate partnership, work, community, societal and earth plane domains, Relational Amplitude has some profound and dynamic implications. If we consider relatedness as a key factor in creating possibility, opportunity and action, the important place to start is with the individual. Sonia Ricotti, the creator of the Unsinkable movie and personal transformation program, borrows and utilizes a distinction from the work of Dr. David Hawkins. In his legendary book Power vs Force, Dr. Hawkins introduces the Map of Consciousness scale where he calibrates God-view, life view, emotional and process states from the number 20 up to 1000. Ricotti suggests that to elevate your “vibration” operating on a level above 500 on the Map of Consciousness scale is critically important. Elements below 500 on the scale suggest the vibration of shame, guilt, fear and anger. Elements above 500 on the scale reflect love, joy, peace and gratitude.

On a personal/individual level , as a person is operating in the lower vibrational domains, reality is dictated by the story that is put out into the world colored through the lens of negative ways of thinking, feelings, active, and believing that become conditional rules and assumptions about how the world works. Typically there is no “evidence” to support this view. However, as it is repeated again and again related to the individual’s experience within their life circumstances, the same negative thoughts, feelings, behaviors and experiences are literally bounced back to the individual reflected in life experiences that do not serve the highest good.

Taking this idea out into the other aforementioned domains, if a system is operating from the Map of Consciousness scale below 500, where negative feeling states of shame, guilt, fear, anger, and others are the primary operating system, the result is predictable. One ends up in dysfunctional relationships, poor work atmospheres, community unrest and planetary discord.

On a spiritual level, one of the primary challenges we face on the planet is separation. As we consider the subconscious, conscious and superconscious elements of mind, being separate is rooted in the ego, caused by many negative and unhealthy observations downloaded in a person’s early life experience. Being separate makes it impossible to be in a relationship, because separation causes the practice to attempt to get needs met in perverse and seemingly narcissistically vulnerable ways.

Being connected to source energy is about unity, with source being the highest neutral vibration, pure potentiality, all possibility, infinitely organizing and functioning as the Yes sayer. The utility of raising one’s Relational Amplitude involves operating at the 500 level and above on the Map of Consciousness scale. At that level, one is operating in the realm of love, joy, peace and gratitude. As the popular gospel artist Minister DeAndre Patterson sings in his song Grateful “In my life I find...thanking you (God) makes room for more.”

From the unity consciousness idea, as one elevates Relational Amplitude to the level of love, peace, joy, and gratitude, the vibrational energy inherent in that individual causes a powerful effect on relationships, work, community and the world.

Consider the possibilities if everyone on the planet elevated their Relational Amplitude.

Consider the opportunities coming from that higher level of relatedness and possibility.

Consider the actions operationalized from this higher amplitude of relatedness, possibility, and opportunit

Consider the kind of world we create if it is created from the space of Relational Amplitude.

Ernest Holmes reflected “It would be wonderful indeed if a group of persons should arrive on Earth who were for something and against nothing. This would be for the highest good of human organization.”

And So It Is.

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