Five Things To Give Up

The other day I watched an amazing YouTube video by a guy named Aaron Doughty.  He talked about five things to give up as a way of raising your energetic vibration.  Here are the five things.

1.  Grudges and Victimization

2.  Attention and attachement to thinking and labels

3.  Toxic food

4.  People who bring you down

5.  Television and music

Check out Aaron Doughty's message.  Mos def higher powered stuff.

Of course, I had an AHA moment as I watched his video.  I commonly deal with people who get stopped due to their reaction response to circumstances, whether internal or external, that are energy depleting.

If you want to stay in the higher vibration and create an amazing life for yourself, let go of all ways of being, thinking, believing, situations, and people that do not serve your highest good.  Do this, become that, and your world will turn.

Walk in the spirit today.

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