The Secret Universal Mind Meditation and the Sound of AH

A number of years ago I was introduced to Kelly Howell’s The Secret Universal Mind Meditation.  Kelly Howell produces audio meditation programs through her company Brain Sync.  The Secret Universal Mind Meditation is based on the book Three Magic Words by Uell S. Andersen, a 20th century mystic and author.  

Three Magic Words, published in 1972, outlines an amazing process of self discovery through aligning with a power greater than all of us.  Andersen describes this as the Universal Creative Mind.  He suggests that aligning oneself with this power can make one’s life vibrant, successful, and happy.  He speaks about many important universally accepted distinctions, including the power of thought, and the power of meditation as a tool we seek to manage our thoughts and control our world through access to the subconscious mind. The following is an excerpt from the introduction to Three Magic Words.

In its entirety it is a series of essays aimed at revealing to you your power over all things.  You will learn that there is only one mover in all creation and that mover is thought.  You will learn that there is only one creator and that creator is the Universal Subconscious Mind, or God.  You will earn that this creator creates for you exactly what you think and how you will be shown how you can control your thoughts, not only to obtain answers to your problems but to create your experience exactly what you desire.”

Central is this teaching is a detailed explanation about the power of thought, evil as the great illusion, the power of intuition, faith, attraction, love, success, health, and immortality. Kelly Howell brilliantly adapts a series of meditations written by Uell S. Andersen which cleanses the mind and provides access to knowledge and wisdom from some of the most venerated spiritual teachers of all time.  The Secret Universal Mind Meditation is typically done at night prior to sleep, as the delta sound frequency provides a relaxing palette that induces a restful, relaxing experience.

I’ve chosen to connect The Secret Universal Mind Meditation with the sound of AH.  I first learned about the sound of AH as I studied Dr. Wayne Dyer’s programs Manifest Your Destiny and Meditations for Manifesting. Dr. Dyer discusses how reciting this sound assists in managing the coincidences that occur in life, along with how this sound makes it possible for things to “show up” that are unexplainable.  Dr. Dyer reflects that one reaches another level of consciousness through “siddhi” consciousness, or perfect consciousness.  Through the power of the sound of AH, one reaches this level of siddhi consciousness fueled through intentionality.

According to Dr. Dyer, various names ascribed to the creator such as Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Tao, Ra, and God  have the sound of AH.  The sound is a unique sound, and is used to create something from nothing.  The idea is that when the sound of AH comes up from the root chakra to the third eye chakra and a thought is put into that consciousness, it is produced in the material world.  Dr. Dyer describes this as the ancient wisdom in manifestation, as the sound of  AH helps the mind disappear and opens the channel between the root chakra and the third eye.

My experience with connecting The Secret Universal Mind Meditation with the sound of AH has been nothing but profound and miraculous.  I remember one day when I was running late for an appointment needing to get to my office at a specific time.  The highway was rather congested that morning, and out of my desire to get to my destination I began to chant AH repeatedly.  To my surprise, cars and trucks got out of my way, and about halfway through the trip the traffic opened up and began to flow.  I arrived at my destination with time to spare. Other benefits I experience include increased energy, increased attentional focus, more powerful, purposeful meditations, a much higher vibrating frequency with a higher degree of mental clarity, more creativity in all life domains, a lack of desire to engage in lower vibration activities such as watching television news and other mindless programming, and a greater sense of unity and connection with others.  I also have a greater ability to observe my thoughts, feelings and then act from my highest good.  What is paramount is my ability to appreciate what is the highest in myself and in everyone I encounter.

And So It Is...

I invite you to be open to this powerful meditation practice.  Experience the power of the affirmative message from The Secret Universal Mind Meditation.  Manifest your intention through the sound of AH.  Then, hold on and see your life transformed.

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