Affirmations and the Creation Process

In my book Miraculous Creating, I defined an affirmation as a desire stated in present terms as if it is already here. Affirmations can be used as a vehicle used to restructure your consciousness and develop At One Ment with the creative source. Affirmations are very powerful, and can literally change your beliefs about yourself and allow you to shift into a consciousness that what you desire is already here.

Ernest Holmes reflects that as we affirm, we state that it is so, and maintain that as the truth inspite of contrary evidence. He continues by saying that repeating an affirmation is guiding the mind to a state where it accepts what it wishes to believe.  Jerry and Ester Hicks in discussing the Law of Attraction, reflect that we draw to ourselves the essence of what we predominantly think about. James Twyman discusses that when you are putting attention to the I AM THAT I AM, you are affirming that you are not separate from what uou are asking for. Dorina and Remez Sasson talk about affirmations as positive statements that describe in positive words a desired situation, event, habit, or goal.  With repetition, the statements take root in the subconscious mind and influence it to act in a particularly focused way.

I had a dynamic and powerful experience with the affirmation process some years ago when I was actively performing as a professional entertainer.  I was introduced to Kenny Werner's incredible book entitled Effortless Mastery.  In the book, Werner talks about playing your music, which he called "THE MUSIC" from the "space" of all creation, the divinity within yourself connected to the creative source which is present in every and all things.  Werner included a companion compact disc with four meditations.  The second meditation involved giving yourself up to the ocean of music, and affirming that you are music.  At the same time, I wrote a number of affirmation statements related to music.  One of the affirmations stated that "I am connected with all of the great jazz piano musicians who came before me."  Another was "My mind, my hands, my fingers, and the piano operate as one mind."  I typically meditated prior to every gig, but my vibration was particularly intense before and during this one gig at a local music club.  I was the pianist in a four piece group including a singer, bass player, and drummer.  After doing the Kenny Werner meditation and affirming that I was connected to all of the great piano jazz musicians who came before me, I couldn't believe what came out of the piano that night.  After one particularly intense set, the bass player said "Wow, who is that guy on the keyboard!"  I had "lost my mind" to the music, and actually became music that evening through the power of affirmation.

An explanation of the process of creation will help in your understanding of the power of affirmations.  Imagine the creative source as this unlimited space that owns everything, and is the highest vibration. Now, envision the creative source as the owner of a sports team. The owner of the team owns everything, including all of the contracts, facilities, concessions, franchising, access to transportation, ticket sales, etc.  The universe is the general manager, who runs everything and manages the energy of the team by having the ability to say YES to everything.  So, if a new player needs to be included on the team, the general manager says YES.  If a contract needs to get renegotiated, the general manager says YES.  If there is a change in travel plans or scheduling, the general manager says YES.  So, the creative source is the great everything, all possibilities, this limitless expanse of nothingness which holds everything.  The universe is the vehicle that says YES to every thought, every thing, every belief, every value, every feeling, every past hurt, wounding, memory, etc.  Imagine now that you are a spiritual being doing your human experience at the same time connected to the creative source.  The universe says YES to everything you are, including all of your thoughts, beliefs, values, judgments, your woundology, your feelings, your projections, and that becomes your life.  Understanding the creative process from this working premise makes us more mindful that we need to be careful about what we are putting out in the "space" of all creation at any given moment.  The universe says YES to everything, what we desire and what we don't.  This fact makes us even more mindful of the phrase "be careful what you think about, and what you speak, because it will happen."

When you make and state an affirmation, the universe as the great YES is the engine that delivers what you are in fact asking for.  It is very important to state your affirmations positively so that the out-picture of what you desire turns out to be an opportunity for you.  Affirming also involves the importance of being intentional regarding what you desire the universe to organize and out-picture for you.  Intention involves the process of choosing to do a clearly defined thing or act in a specified way with a specific aim or purpose.  As you affirm, you are stating that intention as if it is already here, with the faith that the universe will deliver.  Then, it is important to allow and receive what you affirm, because as you are in alignment with the energy of creation, you are a vibrational match with what you desire.

For a more detailed explication of this process, I invite you to read my book Miraculous Creating, which discusses the principles and practices to bring miracles into your life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to spend this time with you.

As you affirm you, know that you are powerful and amazing.

I release this word into the action of the spirit of all creation...

And so it is...

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