"Let Go From The Get Go"

Recently I had the opportunity to watch a livestream podcast of a program by Dr. Michael Beckwith. Dr. Beckwith is the founder of AGAPE, a science of mind based spiritual center located in Los Angeles, California. One of the conversations Dr. Beckwith had within the conversation within the conversation was a teaching on the letting go process. He said from a particularly elevated consciousness “Let go from the get go and let wholeness reveal itself.”

Dr. Beckwith’s statement reminded me of an experience I had a number of years ago. I was living in an elegant third floor walk up apartment in a corner building on the extreme north end of the city I was living in at the time. It had been a very hot summer. For over twenty two consecutive days, the day time temperature was in the high 80’s/low 90’s range fahrenheit. My apartments was not air conditioned. My sanctuary became my bedroom where I had installed a small window air conditioner.

As the air conditioning unit went put…put…while I watched television one night, a commercial came on where kids were splashing around and enjoying the refreshing act of swimming and playing in the coolness of a large river. At the end of the commercial, a young man swings out on a rope above the middle of the river, and lets go of the rope. At that point, the young man was “levitating” in mid air as the commercial ended. My idea is that he splashed into the water and had a totally different experience.

What happens when you let go? One of the major effects of letting go involves freeing yourself from operating in survival mode. Your body operates in survival as a reaction to either a real or perceived threat. When you are survival, your body goes into fight, flight, freeze, or hide mode. Your body also manufactures survival chemicals which are very powerful and highly addictive. Your brain becomes neuroplastic to being in the survival process which makes it impossible to do anything other than run, fight, freeze, or hide out.

When you give something up, or let it go, you get your peace of mind and contentment back in return. You also open yourself to an unknown possibility that can take you to your next level.

Imagine the possibility of being in the constant place of letting go. Consider all that you intentionally give up to get to a higher vibration. Below is the letting go process.

1.  Take 9 deep breaths.

2.  Get centered in the present moment.

3.  Allow yourself to become “empty.”

4.  Imagine whatever it is you desire to let go as a small holographic image one half inch tall sitting on your outstretched non dominant hand.

5.  Observe the holographic image.

6.  Imagine shrinking the image all the way down as small as a grain of sand.

7.  Take 11 quick breaths and at the end of the 11th breath blow the image out of your hand and recite either out loud or inside your mind:

I release you

With light and love

To go in peace

To your highest good But GO!!!

Consider how it feels to let it all go. As Rusty Berkus says in her book Appearances, “When you release what needs to be free, you are freed in the process.”

As you let go from the get go and allow yourself to be in a constant elevated vibration of loving yourself outrageously, know that you are in the zone of at one ment. At one ment equals being connected to and in alignment with the source. When you are at one with the source, there is no need to hold on to anything because you have everything.

So, as Dr. Beckwith says “From the Get Go (beginning) Let Go…and let wholeness reveal itself.”

And So It Is.

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