Prayer for Peace

In view of all the turmoil happening in major cities across the USA and the world, I thought it appropriate and fitting to focus this writing on a Prayer for Peace.

There are a number of peace quotes that fit well with the vibration I create in this posting.

A Zen proverb states “To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.”

J. Donald Walters states “You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory.”

Buddha states “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy states “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”

My idea is that the higher spiritual goal for most of us is Peace. However, we tend to be continually bombarded with circumstances. Some circumstances are external, such as the news, weather and the actions of others. Some circumstances are internal, including our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, past experiences, memories and attitudes. Know that external and internal circumstances are connected energetically.

In his book Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawkins talks about Peace from the perspective of a Map of Consciousness. Consciousness is expressed through the numeric delineation of our energy field. According to the Map of Consciousness, the God view of Peace is “All Being.” The life view is “Perfect.” The numeric level of Peace on the consciousness scale is 600 points (1000 i the highest, which is Enlightenment). The emotion associated with Peace is Bliss. The process involves Illumination.

As humans, we have the power of free will, which is the freedom to choose what we have in our mind, body, soul and spirit...or not. Also know that not choosing is also a choice.

Prayer for Peace.

We acknowledge the power, the presence, the grace and love of the Source, the undeniable power which is the essence of all creation. And, regardless of what we choose to call the Source, whether it be GOD, CREATOR, FATHER, SON, HOLY GHOST, BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE, ALLAH, BUDDHA, KRISHNA, RA, YAHWEH, JEHOVAH, THE UNIFIED FIELD, it really doesn’t matter what we call it, …... but we know that the Source is FREEDOM, UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY, COMPASSION, PEACE, VITALITY, AND WHOLENESS.

As this is the truth about the Source, this is also the truth about us as we are FREEDOM, UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY, COMPASSION, PEACE VITALITY AND WHOLENESS. We recognize that the Source is in all things. There is no place where the Source is not. We also recognize that we are connected to all things, and there is no place where we are not.

From this elevated vibration and place of oneness, we open our hearts and our intuitive and clairvoyant powers to offer a special blessing of Peace. As our consciousness becomes the highest expression of Peace, we connect this expression as our At One Ment, that unique connection and alignment with the ALL that IS, knowing that we are at one with everyone and everything, and everyone and everything is at one with us.

We affirm that we allow ourselves to experience that siddhi/perfect life view, that life view that allows us to recognize the greatness and the gift in all of us.

As we breathe in up from our stomach to our heart, and out through our forehead third eye center we expand our Peace consciousness out beyond ourselves...into our communities...our cities...our country...all countries...the planet...the solar system...the galaxy...all galaxies...the universe as the universe says YES to Peace...out to infinity...and beyond that.

We offer a special blessing to all of the people who recently died as a result of being killed by law enforcement personnel. We hold the space for their families, friends, and loved ones that they honor their lives lost and everything they were to everyone in their circle they loved and cared about.

We hold the space for and honor the protesters who stand up and express not only what is showing up as the shadow side of what and who we are, but also what is possible as we embrace the light.

We hold the space and honor all those in public service who are working at doing the right thing to be servant leaders for us in this challenge to our humanity.

We hold the vision of Peace as a high bar vibration knowing that as we work to resolve the tension between who we desire to be and what is, we decide that we choose Peace as the Light.

I AM THAT...the fullest expression of the essence and the practice of Peace, totally in alignment with the totality of Peace, Love, and Enlightenment...I AM.

As we align ourselves with the perfect manifestation and expression of Peace, we deny all ways of being, thinking, believing and acting that do not serve this highest good.

I AM THAT open to be and receive Peace I AM.

We embrace the power of the presence as the vibrational match maker, knowing that being the greatest full self expression of Peace is the GIFT.

We are so grateful for the fulfillment of this prayer. We are grateful to be the fullest, most amazing expression of the spirit and energy of Peace as it flows through us as us. We release this word into the action of the spirit of all creation.

And So It Is.

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