What's In Your Suitcase...???

Not long ago I met with a client who is an elementary school teacher. Mr. G. is a fifty two year old guy who has had an amazing teaching career spanning well over two decades. Mr. G. is famous and revered at his school by adopting an innovative and inspired learning environment. His students come from diverse backgrounds, typically living in dysfunctional households. As we were discussing his week one day, Mr. G. told me about this lesson he teaches that he calls “What’s In Your Suitcase.” The lesson is a metaphor for life, as Mr. G. teaches that the kinds of feelings, attitudes and behaviors the students carry around in their “suitcase” have a powerful effect on the outcomes they create for their life.

So...what’s in your suitcase? Know that everything in the universe is energy and information, everything vibrates, and everything is connected. If your suitcase (your mind) is packed with negative attitudes, feelings, beliefs, and cognitive distortions that do not serve your highest good, that is the vibration you send out that the universe mirrors back and says YES to as the outpicturing of your life. Maybe it is time to unpack that suitcase full of low vibrational energy the same way you unpack a suitcase full of dirty laundry. Be mindful of what you put in the vacated space of the empty suitcase that reflects your new story. As you put attention to higher vibrational experiences expressed through your I AM and I HAVE, the universe says YES to your new story, and that becomes your life.

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