IS... the course that assists you in creating the best version of yourself. This course is about you creating your manifested reality, the best and most amazing version of who you choose to become.

The course is segmented into seven interesting, information filled and power packed modules. Each module is designed to give you the information and energy needed to take your life to a place where you are operating from your highest good and most amazing possibility.

Module 1. Introduction and Understanding the Creative Process.

Module 2. The Life Domains.

Module 3. Getting Out of “Survival.” Understanding the Reaction Response.

Module 4. Creating your “Now Future.”

Module 5. Being the “Work.”

Module 6. Problem-Challenge-Opportunity.

Module 7. Happy New You…!

The course uses an interactive format incorporating didactic information, video, bibliographic elements, and personal coaching.

Pricing for the course is individually determined.

For more information, contact Dr. Oliver at:

miraculouscreating@ gmail.com



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