When You Change Your "Frame" You Uplevel Your "Game"

Your “frame” is the mindset that is important to have that allows you to cultivate your inner spirit and self confidence. Noah J. Revoy, author and life coach states “Your frame is your understanding of reality which is a product of your self image and your world view at both the personal and abstract level. This includes the boundaries that you set in your relationships with yourself and others.”

Another way to look at frame is how you cultivate, hold and express your personal power. My idea about frame is that you operate from the space of your highest good, which involves what you value and where you hold your personal feeling vibrational amplitude.

What is your understanding of reality? Do you find yourself continually in victim mode where your life is a reaction to circumstance stimuli and you find yourself psychically exhausted? Robert Fritz in his book The Path of Least Resistance for Managers, discusses the distinction of oscillating vs advancing systems. When you are in oscillation, nothing changes. Think about the movement of an oscillating fan. Oscillation is like the movie Groundhog Day where you wake up and the same bad dream keeps happening over and over and over and over and over again. When you advance, you are moving toward your life’s vision. Advancing means that you manage the discrepancy between your current circumstances and your desired outcome. Your frame is an important element in moving forward and creating your manifested reality.

Another way to conceptualize frame is in the context of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. When I wrote the Guy Thang Code and the Gal Thang Connection Code, frame is important in operating from a set of life principles where you have a mindset that cultivates your inner spirit, self confidence and highest good. It is important to live your life through a healthy frame, or set of virtues that serve your highest good. For men, strength, courage, mastery, honor and integrity are important. For women, devotion, kindness, compassion, personal power, wisdom and patience are equally important. The virtues of empathy, adaptability, generosity, respect, gratitude, conscientiousness, tenacity, tact, trust, and assertiveness serve both men and women.

When you engage in “frame management,” you intentionally place your focus on your healthy frame, and observe and let go of all things that may cause an unhealthy frame. A key element involves becoming a master at meta-cognition, or thought observation. As you observe your thoughts, you view the thought as if you are watching a movie, knowing that you are not the thought. If the thought doesn’t serve the highest good of your frame, you simply let it pass.

What follows are some guidelines for claiming the power of your frame.

1.  Be the best version of yourself.

2.  Embrace the divine feminine and divine masculine aws it flows through you as you.

3.  Be your most amazing possibility. Love yourself outrageously.

4.  Operate with integrity and be impeccable with your word.

5.  Don’t disrespect yourself or anyone else.

6.  Manage and uplevel your self care.

7.  Protect your energy climate at all costs.

8.  Distance yourself from those who choose to steal your energy.

9.  Walk your power, own and speak your truth.

When you change your frame and uplevel the game, you are the shot caller of your life.

And So It Is.

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